Mathler – Easy Level

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Mathler – Easy Level

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The easy level for Mathler has space for five characters and uses just one operator. Some example of potential solutions for the easy level Mathler:

  • 12+23
  • 72/12
  • 80-42

Most target numbers have less than 100 possible guesses, so you have over a 1% chance of getting it right in the first guess! Have you ever solved the puzzle on the first guess?

The target number of 1 has the most possible guesses, with 179. The target number 8 has 85 possible solutions. Today’s target number of 103 has 110 possible solutions. The highest possible target number is 9801, which is 99*99. It is doubtful that Mathler would ever use a number like that since with only one possible guess there would be no way to make more than one guess.

Target NumberNumber of Possible Guesses

Negative Target Numbers?

Will Daniel Tait ever give us a negative target number in Mathler? Some of us were hoping for a negative number on April Fools Day. The number -10 has 80 potential guesses. -50 has 40 potential guesses. The lowest potential negative number is -999, which is 0-999. Currently the Mathler Helper App does not support negative numbers on the iPhone, but we expect to add support when we support fractional numbers. The negative number limitation is only because the target number field only has the number keypad. If you have an external keyboard you can enter in a negative number into Mathler Helper.

Mathler Helper App

The Mathler Helper app is available to help you learn more about the Mathler puzzle. You can easily see every possible guess for a given target number. The app can also help you with your guesses to stop you from making a guess that is invalid based on information you have learned already. The app can also give you a suggested guess to solve the puzzle as quickly as possible. Mathler helper is made by Arundel Mobile Professionals LLC.

Currently Mathler is available from TestFlight by clicking this link. Mathler Helper is free of advertising and does not cost anything to download.


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