Month: May 2022

For Mathematical Minds

Mathler Helper Beta 2 For iPhone/iPad Now Available on TestFlight

Today we have released the second beta version of Mathler Helper for iPhone/iPad (Download). This update contains some fairly minor fixes that were found during the first round of TestFlight testing. We still haven’t added support for the regular or easy levels of Mathler. We hope to have those coming soon! We encourage any feedback…
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Mathler Helper First Beta Release

We are very excited to make the first beta release of Mathler Helper Version 0.5 available. We are eager to let people use this app and to get feedback about anything that needs to be changed. You can use this link to sign up for the beta in TestFlight. Currently requires iOS 15.4. We would…
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What Does Mathler Helper Do?

Mathler Helper can help you learn more about the Mathler puzzle. You can use Mathler Helper to help you solve the Mathler puzzle, whether it is just checking whether your guesses are possible solutions, or giving you an idea about the best possible guess. You can use it to verify that your guesses are actually…
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