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For Mathematical Minds

The Order of Operations: Why 3 – 2 + 1 = 2 not 0

When people look at a mathematical expression it must mean the same thing to them or they won’t be able to talk about it, work together effectively, or even agree on puzzle solutions! To have that common understanding, they must agree what order will be used to execute operations. “4 + 6” is no problem!…
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What if my child wants to play but isn’t ready even for EasyMathler? Be Mathler-ish!

Children who have only learned addition, or addition and subtraction, might say they’re interested in playing Mathler (perhaps they see an older sister or brother playing), but even EasyMathler uses multiplication and division. You certainly don’t want to squelch any enthusiasm for math, so you can play a paper-and-pencil Mathler-ish game tailored to the skills…
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How To Solve the Mathler Puzzle

Sometimes people who are new to Mathler think the point is to find an expression that equals the target number, but that’s actually not enough! To “win” you need to find the expression the puzzle constructor was thinking of; we’ll call that the target solution. That’s where logic comes in – applying the information from…
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