Mathler Helper Beta 3 Now Available for iPhone/iPad

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Mathler Helper Beta 3 Now Available for iPhone/iPad

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We are excited to announce that Mathler Helper Beta 3 (Version 0.6) is now available from TestFlight! Click here to download.

This update contains the following changes:

  • Support for all 3 Mathler difficulty levels.
  • The search button was removed. The app now searches for solutions automatically when entering a target number and when a guess is made.
  • Addition of a selector to choose the type of results displayed. For the most help solving the puzzle have the Mathler Helper display a suggested next guess, or even all possible solutions. You can also see how many possible solutions are remaining considering information from your guesses. Or you can choose to display none of the information from the Mathler Helper analysis of your previous guesses – useful if you just want to use Mathler Helper to check that your next guess is consistent with all information from previous guesses.   (Note that the total number of possible solutions for the target number with no information (constraints) from guesses is always displayed at the top.) 
  • Colors of the squares changed so white text can always be used in dark mode (Beta 2 used black text when the squares were colored.) Also added rounded corners to the squares.

This release does not support target numbers with fractional parts.  In the last several weeks the Hard Mathler puzzle had such a target number (11.5). We plan to support such target numbers in a beta release in June.

Why is Mathler Helper on TestFlight and not the App Store?

We are reasonably confident that Mathler Helper in its current form would be approved if submitted to the App Store. However, it does not yet meet our high standards for our first official release because several features are missing or not yet finalized.  Mathler Helper is our first app and we are eager to take our time and get it right before the product is available in the App Store. We want to get positive reviews when it is released in the App Store. That’s why we are especially grateful for feedback from our early adopters!

We expect to have the first official release of Mathler Helper in the App Store in late June.

Can I Help With Mathler Helper?

Yes! Just by downloading you are helping. You can provide us any feedback on our contact form, or tag us on Twitter @MathlerHelper or #MathlerHelper. Let us know anything you would like to see.

We could use assistance translating Mathler Helper into other languages. Let us know if you are interested. If you would like Mathler Helper in your language then let us know what language you speak.

The logic for choosing guesses is another thing we would like to improve. What can we do to improve how the app decides on the best first guess? Currently the app assigns each solution a score based on the number of unique digits and operators that are not yet known. Each unique digit gets a score of 25 points, and each unique operator gets a score of 75 points. Usually a handful of solutions will have the same max score, and the first result found will be displayed. The button that picks a new suggested solution will pick a new random solution of those with the max score.

If there is much interest in other people developing this application we will consider making it open source.


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