The Joys of Mathler

For Mathematical Minds

The Joys of Mathler

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The popular Wordle puzzles challenge logic and vocabulary knowledge and skills.  The Mathler puzzles by Daniel Tait challenge arithmetic and logic skills — Wordle with a math twist!  

The staff at Arundel Mobile Professionals has a lot of fun playing Mathler and discovering and sharing tips, tricks and results. We know that many people don’t think of math as fun, but we think with a little help and encouragement, they could gain the confidence to take on and enjoy Mathler.

Mathler Helper began with the development of an App(for iPhone/iPad) to help you while you are working on a Mathler puzzle. Two things occurred to us during development of the app

First, having a place to share and discuss tips and tricks about solving Mathler would be fun and could helpful.

Second, kids can work Mathler puzzles. Having their parents help and encourage them would be great. A place to share tips about how to do this, would be fun and helpful.

This blog is our first attempt to share information that will further those objectives.

We think this information about helping kids is especially timely. Looking ahead to summer, we know that many students will not be doing much arithmetic and that as a result, skills can fade a bit. If you are a parent/grandparent, why not avoid that by making working on a Mathler puzzle a regular, even daily, activity?

Even though a Mathler is centered on just one number and arithmetic expression a day, which doesn’t seem like much practice, the solving process can involve looking at several calculations.

Even better, it means applying logic to use the Mathler feedback.

Best of all, thinking “mathelogically” about the way the numbers work improves understanding.

All this can consolidate what a student knows, create a happy math experience, and prepare for a running start at next year’s math. Use the tips on this blog to get started and move along.

We expect to be posting new articles almost daily, so watch this space!

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